The sun rises again on the Xin Wan Bao

[中文] [Oct 2012 - The Journalist] After a 15 year lapse the Xin Wan Bao was resurrected August 20 – with a slant guaranteed to set tongues wagging.  It's second issue made clear where it stood on matters political. The editorial on its second day of publication was headed The Power of a Mother's Love.

If you thought that was to promote family harmony in Hong Kong you would be greatly mistaken.

The first edition of Xin Wen bao
The mother in question was Gu Kai Lai whose husband is Bo Xilai and the son, Bo Guagua who has “lost” himself somewhere in the United States and not likely to be seen in China again for a long time, if ever.

The editorial showered Mother Gu with lavish praise for showing “great love” for her husband and her son, demonstrating the “selfless and fearless love” that only a mother like her is capable of.

The editorial made no mention of the circumstances surrounding this great display of love. But for many weeks before all other newspapers – including media all over the world – had been reporting the mother's ruthless murder of a family friend, Neil Heywood for which she was given a suspended death sentence, and the intense factional fighting within the Chinese Communist Party, involving her husband, the disgraced and embattled ex-party chief of Chongqing.

Any question about where the paper stands in regards to the CCP?

In late August rumours were rife that the publication was coming back from the dead.  The reason for its resurrection was said to be the Legislative Council elections, widely seen as a crucial stage in the political development of Hong Kong since the 1997 handover.

Clearly it had nothing to do with the elections.  Or even much about Hong Kong where anyone who has looked at this Xin Wan Bao seems to be as rare as the dodo. Even ATV Focus seems to be one up on this paper.

Will it end up like Sharp Daily?  That, from the Appledaily stable, was an earlier mystery.

What is known of the Xin Wan Bao is that it does not have enough staff.  What few people they have spent a lot of time ringing up reporters of other news organizations to ask for facts and photos.

Given the circumstances the inevitable will happen. One media outlet agreed to pass on a photo, after all Xin Wan Bao would only come out next evening.

Not so.  It came out the same day, only some hours later.