Inmedia sustain $30,000 damage in attack

[中文] [Oct 2012 - The Journalist] The office of Inmedia (Hong Kong) was attacked on August 8 afternoon by four thugs. Three computers and a television set were damaged. Property valued at $30,000 was lost. Non-governmental organizations and HKJA strongly condemned this outrage.
Inmedia office after attack by four masked men, sustaining
 total property loss of sopme  $30,000 (Inmedia Photo)

The attacks have continued, although in non-physical form.  According to Inmedia staff there have been constant harassment over the telephone since August 24. There have been as many as several dozen nuisance calls a day. And they vary from total silence when the phone is picked up to loud music to foul language. If the caller deigns to speak up it is to warn the staff to get prepared as “they are coming up.”

The staff immediately notifies the police, notably the Anti-Triad Squad, once a call is received.  A police officer invariably goes up to the office to record a statement and follow ups are instituted.

HKJA hopes the police will make an arrest soon as possible to safeguard press freedom.