Li Tung Kit fights on, managing to twitch thumb

Mak Yin-ting - Chairperosn, HKJA

[中文][Oct 2012 - The Journalist] Ricky Li Tung-kit, the Chief Cameraman of ATV, who fell from a moving Jeep while covering Taiwan's parliamentary election in 2008, is still fighting against paralysis. From July his struggle was bolstered by funds from settlement with the insurance company from which ATV had bought an accident policy. According to his elder sister, the settlement would be enough to cover the medical and nursing expenses for more than 10 years.

Ricky Li Tung-kit and his sister.
When the executive committee members visited him recently, Ricky looked as good as we saw him previously. Those who have experienced taking care of someone in such condition will that it is the result of tremendous work by family members and the maids. A more encouraging sign is that his palm has improved due to the brother-in-law's effort. Paralysed in bed, Ricky showed us a marvellous 'performance' - lifting up his thumb, albeit only a little bit up. Also, the frequency of twitching has become less.

Of course, you won't expect him to be as strong as a healthy person; he falls sick easily. Last April, he was hospitalized four days for high blood pressure. No reason was found. It is not certain if this is related to the disorder of sensory nerve due to brain damage.

The minute, yet significant, improvement may be attributed to the spiritual support of friends. We are told that some friends visit him occasionally. Others phone him. They include former colleagues of TVB Programming section where he worked before joining ATV, Ma Ying Jeou's sister who lives in Hong Kong, and former senior management of ATV newsroom.

We strongly believe that more visits or encouragement to Ricky, who have a strong will to recover, will help him fight the battle, not just with a more determined mind but more happily.

Ricky Li, now 49 years old, fell in January 2008, the back of his head hitting the ground first. The intracranial haemorrhage and blood clotting in brain afterwards caused paralysis.