Akina Fong "jumps" ship, joins ICAC

Akina Fong will ship out to ICAC in April
[Mar 2012 - The Journalist] Another senior reporter will be leaving the media. TVB chief reporter Akina Fong will ship out to ICAC in April to be a senior information officer.
She joined the industry in 1999 first as a reporter in RTHK, then moved to TVB. She says the most memorable assignment she worked on was to interview the mother of Tsui Po Ko.

It had not been easy to gain the trust of Tsui's mother. As the TVB vehicle was too eye-catching, a private car had to used to pick her up. Tsui's mother was adamant about the secrecy.

But Akina missed the chance to cover the south Asia tsunami in 2004. Soon after first chief executive Tung Chee Wah stepped down from office. She missed that too, having gone off to do her Masters in International Relations at Birmingham University.

Akina says she likes reporting news. However, if she remains in the industry her next move will be into management, decision-making and responsible for the logistics support, so why not grasp the opportunity to "jump out out of the media and try something different". Just like other reporters who have left the media then come back, she probably will re join us again some day.