Red dawn over South Chinas?

[Mar 2012 - The Journalist] South China Morning Post has a new editorial leadership. The long-serving Wang Xiangwei, a Jilin Province CPPCC member, was promoted to be its editor-in-chief.

SCMP managing director Kuok Hui-kwong said the appointment is an important step forward. Ms Kuok said that since joining SCMP in 1996 Wang had built up the quality of its China coverage, and made the paper "much sought after by people seeking to better understand the exciting changes happening in the country".

But many SCMP journos do quite share that view. A veteran reporter said the frequent changes in the leadership had hurt staff morale. But that began long before Mr Wang's promotion. Some expatriate reporters felt more strongly about it, worrying that his background would mean changes in editorial policy.

A reporter said there was no obvious change for the moment as Mr Wang would need some time to get used to the new job.