Apple's Moon Gor retires to Happy Valley restaurant

[Mar 2012 - The Journalist] Wai Chi-moon's 47-year photojournalist career came to an end on November 28 last year.

"Moon Gor"
Affectionately known as "Moon Gor", the 65-year-old joined the media industry in 1965. Wages then were merely $400-$500 a month, and photo-journalists often had to take on a night job as well to survive.

Moon Gor witnessed the growth of the city's newspaper industry, working his way through the Kung Sheung Daily and Evening News, Hong Kong Evening Post, Express Daily, Sing Tao Daily, Hong Kong Times and, finally, Apple Daily.

Recalling his most memorable assignment, the 1967 riots, Moon Gor said: "I started at six or seven in the morning and worked till after midnight. The roads were closed because of bomb fears, and I had to walk home from Wan Chai to Sheung Wan. Usually I would take the busier streets, as bombs were less likely to be placed there. I didn't realize the dangers back then as I was taxied around by the company cars."

Since his retirement Moon Gor has been running a restaurant with his friends in Happy Valley, and he invites you all to visit!