Unity across the Straits

[Nov 2011 - The Journalist] The Hong Kong Journalists Association initiated the “Wear Black” movement on September 12 to protest against police suppression of freedom of the press during Vice-Premier Li Keqiang’s visit. To extend their support across the sea, the Association of Taiwan Journalists also had their version of “Wear Black” on Facebook. They called on our Taiwanese counterparts to take pictures of themselves – wearing black and holding signs in support of Hong Kong’s freedom of the press – and upload them on its Facebook page.

Within a few days, dozens of Taiwanese journalists showed their warm support to the movement. Some of them thought the unity of Hong Kong journalists was miraculous, especially after seeing the swiftly organised protest march could gather hundreds of journalists. The Association told the Journalist they are concerned with Hong Kong’s media freedom and are happy to grant support to any future activities.