Back to school

[Nov 2011 - The Journalist] Time for a news break...and back to school.

Its that time of the year for Cable TV reporter Alex Koo and Hong Kong Economic Journal political reporter Joshua But. Both were awarded the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Chevening Scholarships.

Mr Koo is taking up his Master in Political Philosophy at the University of York while Mr But is is reading Political Communication at the University of Sheffield.

Mr Koo, widely known as “Koo Sir” for his fondness for books, said he is prepared to camp in the library to indulge himself, resisting the temptation to travelling and party.

Mr But hopes to pursue a politics-related career upon completion of his master's degree.

Meanwhile South China Morning Post medical reporter Ng Yuk-hang is also studying the British way. Awarded the Swire/Cathy Pacific Scholarship, Ms Ng is spending the forthcoming year in the prestigious St Antony’s College of the University of Oxford to study history. She aspires to make an in-depth academic journey into Hong Kong history, especially looking into the old days of the Post.

The Chinese University’s Master of Cultural Management has become a popular choice among journalists for local studies in recent years.

Joining the cohort is RTHK reporter Choi Tak-wai, who has already met Phoenix TV’s Brian Yu and former ATV reporter Simone Chan – both pursuing part-time studies – during the orientation week.

The Journalist wishes all of them success!