Posting all things bright and the Post

[中文][Aug 2011 - The JournalistIt looks like Editor-in-Chief Reginald Chua who quit his job at the South China Morning Post after a mere six months has set off a walk-out fashion.  Following in his heels: his deputy David Lague, News Editor Quinton Chan (now horsing around at the Hong Kong Jockey Club),Education Editor Liz Heron, all the political, crime and investigative reporters. 

Current Acting Editor-in-Chief Editor, Cliff Buddle, previously in charge of courts coverage obviously knows better than anyone how the courts – undoubtedly the biggest single source of human interest stories – should be covered. He’s got only a single junior reporter looking after them. And that other source of high drama – politics – is looked after by relatively raw reporters.

Readers who feel they are getting a raw deal should put their minds at ease.  A whole slew of replacements are in the works. They’ve advertised for senior reporters to cover crime, politics, medical and investigative beats.  And, of course, the courts.

But thanks to strong editorial management from the very top tai-tais are making it big on Page 2 every day in Hong Kong’s only newspaper that has succeeded in giving you all that’s bright and beautiful.

With the South China Morning Post you’ll simply miss the real world – with or without more reporters.