The New Excom That Serves You

[中文][Aug 2011 - The JournalistThe election of the Hong Kong Journalists Association was completed and the 2011/2012 Executive Committee was born in the Annual General Meeting held on 25th June 2011. The new Executive Committee that serves you this term are as follows:

主席 Chairperson
Ms. MAK Yin-ting 麥燕庭

副主席 Vice-chairperson
Ms. Zoe HUNG 孔雪怡

執行委員 Executive Committee
Ms. CHAN Kin-kai 陳健佳
Ms. CHAN Miu-ling 陳妙玲
Ms. Kaman CHEUNG 張嘉雯
Mr. Don GASPER 唐納德
Mr. Stanley LEUNG 梁錦雄
Ms. Maisy LO 盧曼思
Mr. LUI Tsz-lok 雷子樂
Mr. Jackie SAM 岑亞志
Ms. SHAM-Yee-lan 岑倚蘭
Ms. Phyllis TSANG 曾錦雯