Bonus spree at am730

[中文][Apr 2011 - The Journalist] am730 led this year's bonus spree with 3-5 months' salary for journalists. With an average of seven percent pay rise thrown in. According to Chief Editor Alan Lo Kok-lun it all had to do with the company's financial performance.

So cheers to Shih Wing Ching a generous media boss.

Many media companies had good profits last year. At a glance, Sing Tao Group received a $240 million record high profit, while TVB’s profits reached $1.33 billion. Other media companies also expect good results.

A 4-5 percent pay rise will just help reporters beat inflation. But that's not to be The majority got a mere 3 percent increase. Reporters from Metro Radio, Sing Tao and Wen Wei Po told the Journalist this was what they got while those at TVB said they received “at least” 3 percent. At Hong Kong Economic Times it was 3-5 percent. The rate of increment for Commercial Radio, Apple Daily and Ming Pao will not be announced until mid-April or during the summer holidays.

However, one media company which has yet to announce an increment has spread a gloomy message: the Japan Earthquake and instability in the Middle East will counter-balance the salary increase expectations. Isn’t this discouraging?