Insight You'll Get from HKEJ

[Jan 2011 - The Journalist] After some years of preparations, the English financial news web of the Hong Kong Economic Journal, EJ Insight (, is having its soft launch. According to News Director Chris Yeung, commercial launch will be made at the end of January to subscribers.

It aims at giving insight into China business and policies in perspective. It does not only provide subscribers with news but viewpoints for reference. The website says explicitly it will deepen readers’ understanding of China’s economy, business and finance by putting relevant issues into perspective and offering up-to-date information and analyses of its markets, policies, trends and investment opportunities.

With the rise of China, especially in global economics, there is tremendous need for English speakers to know more about China. With the associates in China and 24 full time staffs in Hong Kong, the EJ Insight should have the edge on rich sources of information from mainland Chinese combined with a western journalistic culture, it will better serve the needs of foreign businessmen. Whether it can achieve its aim is yet to be seen.