Manpower Lost at SCMP / More Change in the Frontline

[Jan 2011 - The Journalist] The South China Morning Post has seen a drain in manpower since December last year. Senior Political Reporter Ambrose Leung left the newspaper he has associated with for more than 11 years. Taking to the backstage after serving the public interest as a frontline journalist, he will be joining the Legislative Council Secretariat as a research officer from mid-January.

Manpower Lost at SCMP

Personnel change may be common in the industry, but the vacancy in the political team may be too much to bear for the Post if no experienced journalist is going to succeed Leung, who also left behind a vacuum in the newspaper's religious affairs coverage.

And the brain drain is not limited to the general news. Even senior business reporter Dennis Eng and Chief Graphic Artist Kennis Lam resigned. On her last day in the Post, Kennis said she left the work place she has worked for fifteen years because of a greener pasture. How good is the offer? She declined to reveal for privacy reasons, but added that she left with good relations with the management intact.

The changes coincided with the second year in office of a new editorial management, which has yet to adequately address staffs' grievances over a lack of pay rise and missing bonuses. People can't stop wondering whether the pulling or the pushing factors were the genuine force at work.

More Change in the Frontline

It is common for beat reporters quit the jobs and serve people they usually interview. For political reporters, they sometimes change their career paths to work as staff of legislators’ office. Recently, Ah Wing of the Hong Kong Economic Times quitted and became an assistant to Albert Ho Chun-yan, chairman of the Democratic Party, and Siu Ho-lam of Singtao Daily have started working for Tam Yiu-chung, chairman of the Democratic Alliance for Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong.

It is interesting to note that their political stances are similar to the respective new employers. Well, it is natural, right?