Bishop Zen at Cheung Ka-man's Wedding

[Jan 2011 - The Journalist] Another “stunning” wedding ceremony took place on Nov 14 when Ka-man Cheung, reporter of Apple Daily married Thomas, an engineer. It got six fathers in formal attire standing along like a human wall at the altar to host the occasion. Cardinal Joseph Zen was also in attendance to bless the couple. You don't get to see so many fathers at a Christmas or Easter Mass!

Her marriage is a big event in the Apple Daily, too. Her colleagues secretly produced a movie for the wedding night. They invited Fung Shui Master Mak Ling-ling to give her blessings to Ka-man in that movie.

Ka-man, who has learned belly dancing, invited classmates of the Belly Dance to dance with her. What an atmosphere this provided for the evening. The waiters and other employees in the kitchen also came out and watched the sexy belly dance performance.

Wonder whether Ka-man would have had a belly dance while they had their honeymoon in Italy?