Elsie Leung a celebrated guest at wedding of a former Ming Pao editor

[中文][Jan 2011 - The Journalist] A wedding ceremony is often the best chance for you to see the surprising links bride and the bridegroom have with people in society. The ex-frontpage editor of Ming Pao Ms. Chau Li got married on Dec 6. Numerous former colleagues at Ming Pao and Hong Kong Economic Times were invited to attend the banquet.

When journalists arrived, they were surprised to meet some people they had chased for news and interviews. There was ex-legislator Choy So Yuk from the DAB, the ex deputy Director-General, Department of Publicity, Cultural and Sports Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong, Zhou Shan Shan, and some others you could name. And the biggest surprise of all former Secretary of Justice, Elsie Leung officiated at the wedding.

But it would be no surprise at all if you knew that the bride’s father is celebrity among Fuijian groups in Hong Kong.

The groom is not from the media industry and no wonder one of the bride’s ex-colleague joked, “Men working in Ming Pao are ‘useless’ to fail to win the heart of this beautiful and intelligent lady!’