The Police Say This Is What's Been Happening...

In the article titled as ‘Police “Gatekeeping” Still Hampering Free Flow of Information’, the HKJA mentioned three most delayed cases in last November. Details are as followed: 

Time delayed Date of incident Summary of Incidnet
1. 5’39” 10th A 70 year-old man who lied dead in his brother’s house in Sai Kung was suspected of being murdered.
2. 4’7” 2nd A 36-year-old motorcyclist was injured when trying to dodge a dog in Yuen Long.
3. 4’2” 17th A 27-year-old man was found unconscious by his mother inside the washroom. The young man had been playing computer games overnight. He was certified dead in hospital.
Table3: The most delayed three cases in last November

In responding to our enquiry, Peggy Chau, Chief Information and Publicity Officer of the Police Public Relations Branch on the three aforesaid delayed cases. She also stressed that the overall situation has improved. Below The Journalist provides her response in full except the beginning paragraphs.

Regarding the three incidents you mentioned, one of them was a “Traffic Accident with Person Injured” case in Yuen Long reported at 3.13am on November 2. After receiving information from the 999 Control Centre, the PPRB disseminated the relevant information through GNMIS at 3.30am. As GNMIS was temporarily suspended for system maintenance for a period of time on November 2, the relevant information was not shown in the system until 7.20am that morning. As a matter of fact, the duty officer of the PPRB had also informed the electronic media and newspapers with overnight journalists on duty of the incidents through telephone. For the other two cases, which were a “Dead Body Found” case in Ma On Shan reported at 3.07pm on November 10 and a “Person Collapsed” case in Tin Sum reported at 7.04am on November 17 respectively, there were gaps between the time they were reported and issued as time was taken to ascertain the nature and situation of the incidents at scene.

The PPRB held a meeting with your association in October. We exchanged views on the information dissemination mechanism of Police and agreed to continue to further enhance the mechanism. Interim measure aims to streamline work procedures which includes the use of English language only in tagging out cases with effect from November 1. Long-term measure aims to explore the use of computer technology to improve efficiency of information dissemination. In fact, in the months of October and November, the number of cases tagged to the media has also increased.

The Police always respect the freedom of press and media’s freedom of reporting. In disseminating information to the media, the Police have to consider the right to information by the public and to follow the “Code on Access to Information”. As long as it does not hamper police operations, infringe personal privacy or affect related court proceedings, the Police will continue to facilitate the media as far as possible by providing timely information.