Who Took the Jackpot!

Almost everyone hopes the hit Mark Six jackpot once. Reporters are no exception. When there is a super big first prize, reporters in the newsroom often chip in for a bet together. In some newsroom, senior assignment editors are included while some others don’t. Well, the latter must want to have a ‘Mark Six Revolution’ secretly!

When people in the newsroom are happily placing beta, reporters who seldom bet may suddenly join in. One reporter’s reason is enlightening: ‘I am not a fan of Mark Six but I must participate and contribute my money to place a bet. Otherwise if they all quit after winning the first prize, I may be the only one to work in the office. That will be miserable!’

Luck comes finally. According to different sources, a news cameraman who worked for a free-to-air television station won a jackpot of Mark Six over ten millions last year and quit afterwards. It was said that he bought a flat recently. 

Who he is? Dare us tell you?