The Wedding March

[中文] [Jul 2010 - The Journalist] May 14 must have been a good day. Both the Hong Kong Journalists Association and Cable TV news reporter, Vicky Law, had something to celebrate that day. The JA had their annual fund raising ball while the latter chose that day to tie knot with Miss Kwok Lai-ting.

Lai-ting had worked in Commercial Radio for years and currently works for now TV. Vicky worked for TVB news before joining Cable TV news. No wonder their wedding was an “electronic” one in news circle. 

To celebrate the marriage, colleagues of now TV and Cable TV separately produced a short video for the wedding. Coincidentally, both chose the footage of the crowd fighting for tickets in Shanghai Expo, shouting ‘Ticket! Ticket! Where are the tickets?’ to show how popular the wedding was.

The newlywed then went off to Spain, France and Britain for their honeymoon, leaving their colleagues in Hong Kong to cover the less romantic ‘Act Now’ act of Chief Executive Donald Tsang. 

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Hong Kong Economic Times medical reporter Devin Tam and Dawn Kwan got hitched on 29 May. Devin met Dawn when he was studying in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. They have been together for about 10 years.

The ceremony was held at the Evangelical Free Church of China, Yan Fook Church, Lai Chee Kok. Numerous medical news reporters, reporters of HKET and Dr Thomas Tsang, Controller of the Centre for Health Protection attended the ceremony.

Devin said he called Dawn almost everyday, and the longest ‘cold war’ between them lasted only four days. They also argued about the arrangements for the wedding that, luckily, was resolved smoothly. He thanked his parents for nurturing him, not giving him to another family because of poverty.

The ceremony was simple but touching. This new couple also sang a hymn to express their gratitude to their parents.