42nd Gala Dinner


Honorary guest, Chief Justice Andrew Li, receives a souvenir album of himself from the HKJA Chairperson Mak Yin-ting.


Guest of Honour Chief Justice Andrew Li (middle) and the 2009-2010 HKJA Executive Committee toasting guests at 42nd Annual Gala Dinner held on May 14th.

Journalists Leung Ka Kuen (left) and Billy Ko in a stand-up comedy act, summarizing the day's news with sheer sarcasm. No wonder the whole floor shook - with laughter.

The successful pair of auctioneers, Stephen Ip (right one) and Allen Lee, get good price for the bidding of (from left to right) a football carries signatures of the Hong Kong team in East Asian Games, the red wine, woodcut painting from Fong So and the painting donated by Andrew Li.

Look how happy Wong Kwan is! He succeeded in his bid for the woodcut painting donated by Fong So with $100,000.

Guest performers Ms Florence Hui, under Secretary for Home Affairs and Anthony Wu, chairman of Hospital Authority giving a virtuoso opera performance at the Gala Dinner.

民政事務局常任秘書長楊立門(右) 在商務及經濟發展局副局長蘇錦樑伴奏和唱下,高唱 Air Supply 名曲《All Out of Love》,台下「安哥」之聲不絕。
It is a rare opportunity to see Raymond Young, Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs (right) sing, with musical accompaniment provided by Gregory So, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development. And what did they render? "All Out of Love"!