Newly wedded from the Cable TV and ATV

It marked a happy ending of 2009 in the TV news circle when Mr Law Chen-pang, the deputy news editor of Asia Television News and Lisa Hui, the senior reporter of Cable TV News married on the Boxing Day, 2009.

Lam Miu Yan, the deputy news editor of Cable TV News and ex-Cable TV news reporter Michael Hui were the MC at the wedding banquet. The bride's colleagues prepared a funny short movie for the wedding which became the prime time of the night.

In that movie, another ex-reporter, Wendy Tsang who is studying in the London School of Economics, asked passer-bys under the London Eye, 'Do you believe someone proposed in the London Eye?' One interviewee said it was impossible - with a surprising look.

Well, nothing is impossible, especially when in the hands of a journalist. Mr Law did propose and win Lisa's heart in the capsule of London Eye! HKJA wishes them a sweet marriage life forever!