New Baby Born

Happy news always comes together, especially for Cable TV News. The principal reporter of China desk, Bruce Lui became father on 8th February.

Bruce told The Journalist, 'We are yet to decide the Chinese name of my son. However, his English name is Ambrose. It is a combination name of my wife Emily and I. When Emily plus Bruce, it is Ambrose! And Ambrose also means immortality.' What a wonderful name!

Asked about having another baby, Bruce laughed and said, 'Let us deal with the first baby first!'

The HKET Holdings also had good news. Deputy photo editor of Hong Kong Economic Times, Raymond Fung and the Chief Editor of the U-Magazine, Amy Chan became Father and Mother on 8th January. They have a little baby girl.

Mr Fung said that they named baby Cheuk Yu. Yu in English is elm tree and they hoped their daughter would be as tough as elm.

How can a tough father not have a tough baby?