Last Lesson with Dr. Lian

[中文][Apr 2010 - The Journalist] In January, HKJA organized two dinner gatherings with Dr Joseph Lian, the former chief columnist of the Hong Kong Economic Journal, who stopped writing regularly for the newspaper since mid-January.

Dr. Lian is so popular that we had to hold the second dinner because the first 30 places quota was filled up soon after the message was sent out. In total, there were 60 members and reporters who benefited from the sharing with Dr. Lian.

Participants were so engrossed with the discussion that they were “forced” to leave when the restaurants had to close up at midnight. Among the many tips he shared with the audience was his methodology of writing daily commentary published in the HKEJ.

Dr Lian revealed that he usually spent three hours of research and information gathering from the internet and incubated the basic argument framework before starting writing. He also recommended some websites for the participants.

For example:
The first one is It is the website of the National Bureau of Economic Research of the United State. According to him, it provided quite a lot free research papers. You can find much information here.

The second one is It is a website of a subsidiary company under the Ministry of Science and Technology of China called Wan Fang Data. It is a web database of periodicals and research papers.

The third website is which is the official website of the Law Faculty of the Peking University.

The fourth one is the Chinese election and governance web: The viewpoints of the articles in this website are mainly pro-liberal. For conservative viewpoints, please visit the Chinese Utopian village web at

As usual, you must check the information gathered from website before use. It is especially true, according to Dr Lian, in the case of mainland websites where inaccurate information can sometimes be found.