Gossip|Three HK Reporters Granted International Human Rights Prizes

Lee Yee-chong, reporter of now TV was awarded the 2009 Lorenzo Natali Grand Prize, which is presented by the European Union in recognition of excellence in reporting on human rights and democracy worldwide. In addition, Tan Xiao-mi and Choi Chi-yuk of the South China Morning Post shared the Asia Pacific Prize. The Journalist would like to send our belated congratulation to them and hope their colleagues in Hong Kong will maintain the momentum and gain other awards in the future.

The Lorenzo Natali Grand Prize winner, entitled "Sichuan earthquake - one year on" is an investigative report on the cause of the shoddy construction which caused thousands of schoolchildren to be buried alive in last year’s disaster. According to the judges China is full of limitations on press freedom and Lee should be praised for successfully overcoming the difficulties the Chinese officials imposed on any attempt to dig out the truth of the disaster.

Lee also shared some of his encounters in Si Chuan province last April with readers of The Journalist. To read the prize winning expose, visit this website: http://www.nataliprize2009.eu/content/en/recipients/2009/first-prize/media.htm

The regional prize of “Deadly Harvest” is a rare and informative investigative report about China's “black corpses” market under the Communist Party's brutal burial ban, which forced people to take their dead relatives to the crematorium. More than 400 villagers were killed and sold to those willing to pay to substitute their relatives' bodies at the crematorium with another in order to be able to bury their relatives following the ritual they wanted.
This hyperlink takes you to the prize-winning report: