Gossip|Hong Kong Daily News Shaken

What’s with “Leng Mo” Chrissie Chau and the Hong Kong Daily news?

She triggered the resignation of the chief editor, Kwok yat-ming.

After Woo Suet-lai took up the post of publisher of the Hong Kong Daily News in 2008, there have been a string of changes in personnel because - she wanted to bring changes.

The latest one took place in last November. Upon disagreement on the handling of the news of Chrissie Chau who exchanged views with students of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Kwok resigned in dudgeon right in the middle of a high ranking meeting of the group.

Woo doubled down as Chief Editor role after Kowk’s departure. To strengthen the business desk, she recruited Wong Kam-fai as the Deputy Chief Editor and asked a former editor of HKDN, Yau Tak-him, to quit from Hong Kong Economic Journal to become HKDN’s Assistant Chief Editor.
Apart from recruiting talent from outside, Woo also made internal promotions Pang Si-hung was promoted to Deputy Chief Editor and Wong Wai-ding to News Editor.

What’s next?