Why blog?

Ada Ng - Journalist/blogger

A journalist writes a lot and takes many pictures and videos every day. And still
blog? Why?

For those journalists who blog, this question is similar to that other perennial: “Why do we want to be a journalist?”

Right. Why blog?

Blogging doesn't bring in any money. It also attracts a much smaller readers than writing for a newspaper, magazine reporting on TV. It seems like taking on a bigger workload. No pay for it, yet more and more journalists are joining in. It is because there are so many reasons to blog -- recording daily happenings like a diary; keeping my fans happy (just kidding), sharing experiences of child-care; working as a photographer in daytime and after work transforming into a cultural critic who can write film reviews better than a full time entertainment news writer; enjoy the thrill of disclosing secrets or unknown materials; writing seriously as a record for life; writing casually to release tensions of the fulltime job; aiming to publish a book. All these thoughts surely are shared by others.

It is not difficult to find media friends who blog. Just look up the internet; you can find over a hundred of them. You can even find the stories told by female journalists who write the adult pages for newspaper. Therefore, before writing this article, I thought I would have a lot of interviews but not enough space for all the material. Then I started to set up interviews then so many media friends declined to be interviewed. They would rather be “discovered” than be pointed out. Everybody was like Kingbee in “Living in the Zoo” who said: “I want to tell some secrets to others but don't want to spread them around - a kind of contradiction; I want to search for a new area but I will then be trapped in another area.” That's right. Blogging is both private and public. You can choose to stay on either side.

Fortunately, there are still some media friends who are willing to tell their stories and share their experience about blogging. Of course we can find track down many more media bloggers through their blogs.