HKJA Membership Welfare Highlight

To better serve our members, we are continuing our efforts to introduce more shopping or medical service discount benefits this year. Please pay close attention to our announcements in the coming future. For the descriptions and terms of benefits, please visit our website at

1) Pizza Hu 必勝客
10% off for any Take-out purchase of pizza* or pizza combo*
* Valid for regular / large pizza and pizza combo (Slice Pizza, Mini Pizza / Mini Pizza Combo and Credit Card Discount Combo excluded)

2) Step Forward Multimedia 進一步出版社
Stepforward is an up-and-coming publishing house in Hong Kong. They are offering a 30% discount on retail prices for HKJA members. Members can check their book list at

3) cite Publishing Ltd 台灣城邦出版社
Cite is one of Taiwan's biggest publisher. The company offers HKJA members a 35% discount on retail prices when purchasing books published by them.
Interested members can check their titles at
For purchase please contact Ms Eugen Ng of Cite (Hong Kong) Publishing Group Ltd.
TEL: 25086231 or Fax 25789337

4) HKPTU 香港教育專業人員協會
With HKJA membership card, you have the privilege to enjoy HKPTU's discounted supermarket and other services.
Address:9th Floor, 618 Nathan Road, Good Hope Building, Kowloon. (Tel: 27807337)
Wing Tak Mansion, 15 Canal Road West, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. (Tel: 25916606)

5) HKFTU 工聯會優惠中心
Every HKJA member will be given a FTU shopping card. With this card, our members can enjoy 5% to 10 % discount at FTU's preferential shopping centres.