Hey, you're a card-carrying member... so go for the discounts!

Zoe Hung - Convener, Membership, Training and Welfare Sub-committee

Nowadays we have so many cards in our wallets. Membership cards, not name cards. Your JA card must be one of them, though not likely to be one of those flashed around once in a while at some function or to make a purchase.

I am hopeful, though, that you will be doing this some time soon. Or even call up the JA to “book” a place for one of our activities.

For the moment, thank you for supporting JA's mission.

In the meantime our Membership, Training and Welfare Sub-committee is working on making the JA card as useful as possible in networking lunches, meetings and discounts.

We are planning bi-monthly luncheons with public figures – politicians, businessmen, senior journalists to be guest speakers. E-mail us with your suggestions, who you want to meet, what you want to hear.

Don't be timid. This is your JA. These activities are for your benefit.

In August we asked for your expectations. You sounded out. We heard you want discounts for books, cameras and other hi-tech gadgets, discounts from museums, etc. We're working on them.

Actually, Pizza Hut and Independent Wine Centre (a wine education institute) have confirmed discount offers.

Check out the JA website (http://www.hkja.org.hk/site/portal/Site.aspx?id=L1-206&lang=en-US ) for more discount offers on book, plays, tailor-made suits/dresses, dental care. Don't forget you get the same discounts as members of the HKPTU and HKFTU at their retail outlets.

For activities to relax body and mind we are planning tai chi classes. Also suggested by members are: yoga, cooking, photography classes. Others say form JA teams for marathons, Oxfamtrail, etc.

Our response: Why not?

Others want theme park visits, with kids in tow. Again, why not?

We're working on it. We hope you really get involved. Just don't forget the kids.

And don't miss the new JA Cup tourneys starting November. 15 teams in contest. More than enough to make your voice hoarse from all the screaming.